Softball Schedule for Kite Day

Thanks to all of the managers who responded quickly and tried to organize their teams on such short notice. Three teams were able to rally their troops and put together teams for Saturday.

Players not on the Levee, Balls Deep, or Baked, you are welcome to take the field at 4:00 PM and stay for a league game on Saturday, 5:00 PM, at McCarren Park, vs. Baked. (See below for details and sign up on Facebook.) If we have too many sign up, we’ll add another game at 6:00.

The Levee hosts Balls Deep at 4:00 on Field 1. This game will count for both teams towards the standings.

At 5:00, Baked will play against a collection of McCarren players on Field 2. (To sign up for this team, visit our Facebook group page.) This game will also count in the standings but only for Baked. Should they defeat this motley crew, Baked will hold a slight advantage in the standings. If they lose, they will take a loss.

Both games will be umpired by our usual officiating crew.

Don’t Have a Facebook Account?

RVSP to the league commissioner as soon as possible.

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