No Kite Day Means We Can Play Ball on Saturday

Earlier today, we received work that the Parks Department has cancelled (or perhaps never scheduled) this year’s Kite Day. The fields at McCarren Park are ours for the taking!

Players, please let your managers know whether you can play this Saturday, May 12. All managers should notify me before Thursday at 3:00 PM, and and indicate whether your team prefers to play at 4:00 or 6:00 PM.

Saturday’s high calls for sunny skies and temperatures in the lower 70s.

Look for a post on and on Facebook for Saturday’s schedule.

Update 1

The umps have been notified, and they are available.

Update (Thursday, 3:00 PM)

Can Field a Team
  • Balls Deep (4:00)
  • Levee (4:00)
  • Baked (6:00)
Cannot Field a Team
  • Bears
  • Mabel’s
  • Soft Spot
  • Matchless
  • K&M
  • Gibson

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