Kilo Bravo vs. Softspot Specials

Kilo Bravo cruises past the Specials in the battle for sponsor bragging rights.  With Kate on the road with her new band, her 2 teams would meet on the field Saturday.  Her namesake, KBs, would score in each of the first 3 innings to grab a quick 6-2 lead, which they would hold on to for the rest of the game.  Baby Boy would hit his 3rd homer of the young season, while Katie and Jody combined for 4 hits and 4 RBIs.  Karl France added a late 2-run bomb for Soft Spot, but it wouldn’t be enough.  The final tally was 15-8 in favor of Kilo and both squads would hang out together for the rest of the evening at the winning bar!

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