Playoff Games, Saturday, September 8

We begin the 2012 playoffs with the elimination round this Saturday, September 8. There will be two single-elimination games. Lower-seeded are responsible for bringing the bases to the field and returning them to the Soft Spot.

Time Away Home Field
4:00 PM #5 Soft Spot Specials #4 Archived Bears 1
4:00 PM #6 Gibson Robots #3 Balls Deep 2

The winners of each game advance to face either #1 Mable’s or #2 Matchless on September 15.

Good luck to all!

Standings thorugh July 21

As you no doubt noticed, the standings on our site suck.

That’s what happens when you outsource and have a European developer write a plugin to track an American sport. For some reason, the sorting isn’t working.

So here, in wonderfully static HTML, are the standings for games played through July 21.

Seed Team Wins Loss Pct
1 Mables 9 2 .818
2 Matchless 8 3 .727
3 Soft Spot 7 4 .636
4 Archived 7 5 .583
4 Balls Deep 7 5 .583
6 Gibson 6 6 .500
7 Baked 4 8 .333
8 K&M Swingers 3 8 .273
9 Levee 1 11 .083

Softball Schedule for Kite Day

Thanks to all of the managers who responded quickly and tried to organize their teams on such short notice. Three teams were able to rally their troops and put together teams for Saturday.

Players not on the Levee, Balls Deep, or Baked, you are welcome to take the field at 4:00 PM and stay for a league game on Saturday, 5:00 PM, at McCarren Park, vs. Baked. (See below for details and sign up on Facebook.) If we have too many sign up, we’ll add another game at 6:00.

The Levee hosts Balls Deep at 4:00 on Field 1. This game will count for both teams towards the standings.

At 5:00, Baked will play against a collection of McCarren players on Field 2. (To sign up for this team, visit our Facebook group page.) This game will also count in the standings but only for Baked. Should they defeat this motley crew, Baked will hold a slight advantage in the standings. If they lose, they will take a loss.

Both games will be umpired by our usual officiating crew.

Don’t Have a Facebook Account?

RVSP to the league commissioner as soon as possible.

No Kite Day Means We Can Play Ball on Saturday

Earlier today, we received work that the Parks Department has cancelled (or perhaps never scheduled) this year’s Kite Day. The fields at McCarren Park are ours for the taking!

Players, please let your managers know whether you can play this Saturday, May 12. All managers should notify me before Thursday at 3:00 PM, and and indicate whether your team prefers to play at 4:00 or 6:00 PM.

Saturday’s high calls for sunny skies and temperatures in the lower 70s.

Look for a post on and on Facebook for Saturday’s schedule.

Update 1

The umps have been notified, and they are available.

Update (Thursday, 3:00 PM)

Can Field a Team
  • Balls Deep (4:00)
  • Levee (4:00)
  • Baked (6:00)
Cannot Field a Team
  • Bears
  • Mabel’s
  • Soft Spot
  • Matchless
  • K&M
  • Gibson

Why no Games on April 21?

This is long overdue.

I realized just this week that no one really knew why we had double headers on April 14, but no games on April 21. In the absence of information, a lot of rumors and incorrect information circulated. There was no grand conspiracy. The short of it was that the Singles League asked us for favor and, in the interest of establishing a good relationship with them, we agreed to trade one week’s worth of field time.

Here’s how it went down.

Jake Rueben from the Singles League wrote me in February asking whether we would be open to giving up one week of our field time, in exchange for having an entire day of softball on a different week. He wanted to schedule an all-day tournament before he starts their season in early May. Moreover, he had been planning to buy a water pump to drain those parts of the field that are consistently under water. (Think about the shortstop area on Field 2 and the second base on Filed 1.) Jake initially asked us to split the cost of the pump, but later simply offered the pump’s purchase as a benefit for both leagues. Since they play before us, it’s almost certain that we’ll have those areas dry as they will have pumped the water before their own games.

The final agreement between both leagues was to swap permits to enable full days of softball. We got their 12:00 – 4:00 permits on April 14, and they got our permits from 4:00 – 8:00 on April 21. We had the double headers to cram two weeks of softball into one week, and they presumably played their tournament this past Saturday.

Since we share the same field, both leagues have complementary interests in maintaining a good relationship. James, Eddie and I felt that letting them play on April 21, would be a gesture towards securing that goodwill. Moreover, we had discussed the possibility of chalking the fields before our own games and offering to do that earlier, with the help of the Singles league, although those discussions did not yield any agreement. In any case, we appreciate that they have always been diligent about finishing their games on time and, on multiple occasions, letting us take the field well before 4:00. This will come into play throughout the playoffs, as we will be struggling to finish two games before the autumn sun sets.